Thalia: Muse of Amusement

Invoke Thalia

Thalia presides over rollicking comedy. ‘The Flourishing’, she may also wield a tickling stick. She favours rural pursuits and is sometimes pictured holding a shepherd’s staff. Ooh-er, Mrs!

Think Felicity Kendal, in The Good Life, as a modern embodiment of this Muse of Amusement.


‘Meet Martin’ and ‘Large As Life And Twice As Lovely’: mildly funny, these were written to fit a women’s magazine formula (eg. 1000 heart-warming words) but my short stories always come out peculiar rather than ha ha…

It is fun to find out whether comic muse Thalia and Komos, the Greek god of comedy, ever do a double act in The Golden Banana Skin, here, in words, and in pictures.