Polyhymnia: Muse as in Meditation?

Invoke Polyhymnia

Polyhymnia is goddess of the sublime and sacred hymn. She is shown in a pensive mood without any props. If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment through your reading and writing she may be the muse for you… But all nine would be pleased if you made them a shrine on your desk or your desktop.

The history of English literature is a list of religious visions and remembered dreams: whispered on our knees at the foot of a cross carved with runic writing. Read the ultimate story about stories here!

Polyhymnia is the muse most likely to have inspired my new novel. How close can you follow in the footsteps of Jesus? Come with Veronica, rich and successful purple dye dealer in ancient Tyre, as she walks with him back to Bethany, and all the way to the cross, in AD 33. The True Picture will be coming soon to here – True Picture website and Amazon e-book!!!

The True Picture Synposis