Erato: Muse of Lust and Romance

Invoke Erato

Erato is the muse of lyric poetry, particularly the erotic. She is also goddess of mimicry; so even divinities sometimes fake their pleasure. Her name means lovely, and she is shown with a lyre.

She turns men who follow her into heartthrobs; whether actors, singers or poets, they become objects of women’s desire.

My ‘romantic’ stuff is least likely to come from inspiration; it’s mostly made of perspiration or other bodily fluids. See my collection of poems, all slobbering over people or things I love: short stories I tried to write for a women’s-magazine market and couldn’t sell (Charlotte's Conversion and The Magic of Marriage) : and the published novel in which I practiced how to write the perfect sex scene, over and over again. (Warning: it’s X- rated and politically incorrect: I wrote it a long time ago and didn’t know any better …) Family Outing


Or take Erato’s tips for living ‘happily ever after’.

Translating The Muse's Tale